Friday, March 31, 2006

Grizzly Man the Story of Timothy Treadwell

It's my blog so I guess I can review a movie if I want to:
Last year when Tim Tredwell and his girlfriend was tragically eaten by an old grizzly here in Alaska, I was interested in the movie. The movie is a documentary of sorts: Treadwells passion for bears was to me the sort of passion that seems rare in our complacent world. On the other hand he seemed to need antipsychotic drugs. His feelings for the bears to me came from a naive point of view that these wild creatures posess some kind of human emotion and love for him. I think they tolerated him because in some way they sensed that he was a slightly unbalanced human and was harmless to them.

I feel like in some unknown metaphysical way he tried to enter the secret realm of the wild grizzly and become one of them, perhaps in the end that is just what happened. He spent 13 summers communing with his friends the bears and finally got his wish.
The movie intrigued me on many levels and I found myself thinking about it for days.

In some way I’m like him I refuse to feel afraid of the bears when I take my hikes. I don’t want to meet one face to face any more than they want to meet me face to face and as long as I tread lightly and respect their turf we will get along just fine and hopefully I won’t become dinner. Then every so often too close to home for comfort some innocent fifty-year-old lady jogger will become an appetizer while her frantic son tries to beat off the bear.

Its too horrible to contemplate and it happens in Alaska all the time.

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