Thursday, March 30, 2006

HGTV and Me

I spent most of my day preparing an application for a spot on HGTV. I could demonstrate my encaustic wax art. They wanted a recent picture and they wanted to know my age. So I asked Nicole my daughter to come by and take some pictures of me. It must be important how old I am and how photogenic I look. I hate that it matters and I hate it that I care. It would be fun to have a tv crew come to Wasilla, AK and come to my own bit of paradise my home on the lake.

When I was young the quality of my life didn't matter much there was so much of it
Later when I was still young enough to care but too old to start over again
I would pick up the pieces and scraps as evidence to my ego
and vow to let me live life until I'm too old to care

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