Monday, July 31, 2006

A Lost Weekend

Saturday morning I had a nice day planned with my sweetee we were getting up early and leaving by 5:00am to stand in line and audition for Howie Mandells "Deal or no Deal" but I woke up with one of my migrane headaches, he went by himself.:( They set up 6 cameras and asked him to say his name, what he does for a living and what he would do with the million dollars! he said I would give it all away to chairty WHAT!. He must have been under pressure - he meant to say give half of it to charity. After we planned to go to the annual Dog Jog in Anchorage and show off our chocolate lab Benson. But saddly Benson broke his tail the day before (I don't know how) so his tail was hanging limply down. We both stayed home licking our wounds.

The next day Sunday hubbie went off early to play golf and did not get home until 5:00 pm! I was really a golf widow. Finally I heated up my waxes and started my encaustic "Raven and Salmon" and spent hours lost in creating. So it turned out, I just didn't plan to be a reculse this weekend.

I've got lots of good things planned for August. I will show my art at the Bagel Deli, take the advanced Encaustic Wax course in Girdwood, demonstrate encaustic wax at the Alaska State Fair, and my best friend Michelle is coming for a visit.

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bluedog303 said...

I love alaska i think it is a very pretty place.Jennie