Thursday, August 10, 2006

Is being a recluse a bad thing?

I have the swans, dogs, muskrats, loons, squirrels, ducks, eagles even bats to keep me company.

Its a rainey day in Alaska the temperature is 56 degrees. I need to do some errands but am feeling ambivalent about leaving the house again. That is why I didn't leave yesterday because I felt so undecided, maybe I am becoming a hermit or a recluse ( a person who lives a secluded solitary life apart from the world, seclusion from society). Sometimes I get so unwilling to go out in public, grocery stores are the worst for me I have actually waited until late at night to go shopping to avoid the people. The truth is I moved to Alaska because of my desire for solitude and just to get in touch with myself. I don't feel that I am socially retarded or anything I have run a gas station, sold cars and talked to thousands of people so I just don't get it. Why this desire to be alone (I've got my dogs and husband who is a workaholic and my son who is living his own life) so not totally alone all the time but lately I really prefer it.

So right now I'll roll up in my blanket get a book relax for a few hours. Maby I have social anxiety disorder SAD has the same letters as seasonal affect disorder SAD. Well I'm not SAD, I'm MAD! that everything gets a label and a pill to make it all better, maby it's just life, maby it's just the way things are today. Its just a feeling and this too will pass so I will hang with myself just a little longer and perhaps more will be revealed .

Today, I'll enjoy an argument with myself. I'll write it without one eye on the outside world. I'll see what I discover.

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