Thursday, August 17, 2006

Life Keeps ON Life-ing

It's another rainy day in Alaska the temperature is around 50 degrees the summer is leaving us and winter is closing in they said that there is snow on the North Slope, we call it termination dust, but deny it. This morning there was a steady misty rain is was beautiful in its own way the clouds were the darkest slate blue/gray simply geougeous. I'd love to paint a very moody/stormy sky with a silver lining around the blackest cloud. Whenever I see an awe inspiring sky I instinctively know that only the creator can make it perfect and anything I do is an imitation but that doesn't stop me. I feel closer to my creator when I paint.

I want to send my love and prayers to Granny. I have been reading her blog since I got my blog and started into this blogging business. I visit her every day just to see how she is doing with her life, lately she is in the barrel with some lung and tumor issues which she named Brenda. Her lighthearted, honest way of walking through her health issues is inspiring to me. She is a health nut, body builder, intellectual, funny, great writer, free spirit, loves life, loves art and has a sexy boyfriend that loves her muscular ass. I get to read her story every day asnd it's so much better than Judge Judy or My old favorite TV show "Starting Over" Thank you Granny you make me laugh and cry and let me look into your heart, share your fun adventures and your get point of view! I feel like such a voyeur. Love ya Granny get better! ! ! !

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