Saturday, November 25, 2006

Raven and Salmon

Aurora Raven

Salmon in the Shadows

This is what I have been working on for the last week and half. They were created using the indirect method of painting. First a sketch, then I painted values with burnt sienna and turpentine. It was left to dry and then sanded with steel wool. The next level was oil paint thinned with oil and turpentine and left to dry and then sanded again. I mixed my colors using the mixture to thin the paint and glazed color over the grisaille, using soft brushes and making sure you can see the under painting through each layer and being careful to keep the paint even. Each layer (10) was left to dry thoroughly. This method takes some patience but for a glassy surface and an aquatic effect there is nothing like it. I am very pleased with the depth and the jewel effect that I have achieved.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Art Feeds The Human Soul

and yet speaks from the soul. It connects people to each other in new and unexpected ways .

Rene Magritte (Belgium) 1898-1967

The Big Family
Medium: Oil on canvas

I am beginning a raven painting much like this one. The sky will be starry and the aurora will be across the sky and the Raven will be there in all its glory

Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday, Monday Crazy Monday

Ok So I've started making lists it is hugely helpful for me to get things done.
I have a show January 5th not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up fast so there are 100 things that I need to do! I started to obsess and get overwhelmed running aroung in circles bumping into stuff and crying I'm going nuts!!!! So my co-dependant helper pulled me back from the edge and said "why don't you start a list?"
Well Duuhhhh what a good idea I wonder why I didn't think of that
Here is my latest creation I call it:

Vogue, Bratz,Bling ala Klimt Collage

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  • Vogue, Bratz, Bling ala Klimt
  • Thursday, November 09, 2006

    One Door Closes and Another One Opens

    Sunday my friend Dawn and I went to the
  • Snow City Cafe

  • to show our portfolios and get into a First Friday show 2007. I've been there twice before but I figure three is the charm and what is the worst that can happen they can reject me again. They did. They wanted art that was big and "read" across the room. I believe in being persistent but 3 nos are enough for me.

    Then my friend Carmen called me to say that the Expresso Cafe is looking for artists to have a show. Well when I showed her my work she loved it! She has seen my work at the Bagel Deli the famous Raven and Salmon. So I will be the featured artist at the Expresso Cafe in January. Wow! It's between Wall Mart and Chevrolet of Wasilla.

    A new friend Jessica visited my web-site the other day and said "it is magnificent!!" she said my bio reminds her or "rigorous honesty" I wonder what she meant since this is my bio photograph...ha ha ha LOL - its my head and some other hotties body. Its the body I had when I was a young hottie. Aren't I cute......... actually my titts are bigger otherwise its my body...if I worked out 4 hours everyday ate about 1700 calories everyday.....oh and maby turned the clock back about 20 years. But it's still my body in my dreams. I'm not kidding...really.

    Hey Michelle! my best friend in the whole wide world are you out know I love you more.........

    Saturday, November 04, 2006

    Hello, hello hello - Is There Anybody Out There?

    All that you touch
    All that you see
    All that you taste
    All you feel
    All that you love
    All that you hate
    All you distrust
    All you save
    All that you give
    All that you deal
    All that you buy beg, borrow or steal
    All you create
    All you destroy
    All that you do
    All that you say
    All that you eat
    Everyone you meet
    All that you slight
    Everyone you fight
    All that is now
    All that is gone
    All that's to come
    And everything under the sun is in tune
    But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.