Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday, Monday Crazy Monday

Ok So I've started making lists it is hugely helpful for me to get things done.
I have a show January 5th not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up fast so there are 100 things that I need to do! I started to obsess and get overwhelmed running aroung in circles bumping into stuff and crying I'm going nuts!!!! So my co-dependant helper pulled me back from the edge and said "why don't you start a list?"
Well Duuhhhh what a good idea I wonder why I didn't think of that
Here is my latest creation I call it:

Vogue, Bratz,Bling ala Klimt Collage

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  • Vogue, Bratz, Bling ala Klimt
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    wjcatnip said...

    Judy! Here I am on this foggy morning commiserating with you across the miles. I suspect your "Klimt" woman is dashing off to retrieve her list! :) Wendy