Sunday, December 24, 2006

Girdwood and 43" Ho Ho Ho I'm not kidding!

I stayed in Girdwood tending the gallery (Girdwood Center for the Visual Arts) Saturday and Sunday. It snowed all day Saturday and all night. I enjoyed the warm hospitality of my friend Mary McCoy, I even went to a Christmas party and met more some Girdwoodites. I also met the currator of Alaska Pacific University's Carr Gottstein Gallery Jannah Adkins. She was interested in my work for upcoming shows. WOW! Here are some photos to show what it looked like the next day.
When this person got stuck it took a whole village to push him out.
Here is a cute whimisical lamb made from old scrap iron from Laura Walters grandpas farm she had 6,000 pounds or 2 tons of scrap imported from the lower 48 I'll find out which state later.

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patti said...

Geez, Judy, we have had no snow here YET in the northeast. I feel like I am in a different temperate zone these days. Global warming? Nah...LOL. We did not even light the fireplace last night which is unusual on Christmas. It just was too warm! Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Patti