Monday, January 01, 2007

HaPpy NeW YeAr 2007

With the temperature at 5 degrees below zero this was a great way to greet the New Year a fire on the frozen lake, marshmallows, hot chocolate and a few sparklers.
This is my son, my grandsons, daughter and son-in-law. My hubby is in the house warming up with hot chocolate.
I talked to my dearest friend earlier today she had a horrible year. Heart disease, thyroid needed to be removed, kemo, hormones. Now she is 99% better what an inspiration. She was going to a bowl burning ceremony, the idea is to write on a piece of paper the things you want to release and then burn them in the bowl. I thought well I've got a fire place on the lake and Niki (my daughter) and me we can have our own ceremony. Laura requested we put this in for all of us.. I release all limitations. So we did it. I tossed in a bad habit,a few fears and uncomfortable traits into the fire. I made a opposite positive affirmation for each thing I released and sealed it in an envelope to be read in June. No resolutions, no pressure,just a willingness to let go and let God
Bright Blessings for this New Year

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