Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wolfgangs Vault

If I stay home another day I am going to go crazy and that is just a short putt for me. My car is being repaired the starter is broken. I think no problem; I will stay home and work on my art. I am going to a Valentine make and take art/craft gig Sunday so I sort and organize to get ready. I clean up my encaustic wax mess so I can start another painting. I cut open the vacuum cleaner bag looking for my lost diamond earring. It was there shinning is the dust and dog hair my small 1/2 carat diamond it was broken from its post but it was there! Whew I was praying that I'd find it. They may have found the killer on "All My Children", Zack and Kendall are making babies, J.R. is being a dink again and Zarf the she-male rock superstar and Bianca are becoming friends. On Judge Judy a lady sold a picture of 2 cell phones for $400.00. Judy says "YOU'RE AN IDIOT" I talked on the phone to Dawn and Elizabeth they could not come and rescue me. Oh God am I that boring? YeS aPpaReNtLy CaBiN fEvEr iN AlAsKa iNdEed.

Oh and I listened to this great site, if you like Hendrix, Doors, Cream, Janis, Blondie etc. check it out the music is free! Remember those great posters from the 60s they got em.
Wolfgangs Vault

When I was 16 I lied to my grandparents and created an alibi to go to the Fillmore West in San Francisco,CA to see Janis Joplin and the Holding Company. To make my escape I wore my conservative pink Lady Manhattan blouse and a blue skirt. Lanie my cousin and I got into her boyfriends black van and she proceeded to take down her thick red hair that went to her waist, strip and put on a tiny mini crochet dress. I was stuck wearing my school girl clothes. I should have planned better.
I will never forget the light show, the music, the far out people all tripping and dancing the whole hippy scene.

It turns out I was part of rock history and a generation of optimists and peace lovers. I hope this current war in Iraq doesn’t divide us like before. The Army recruiters come right into my son’s school giving them propaganda and making all sorts of promises they won't keep. What is the matter with Bush anyway did daddy drop him on his head when he was a baby? You may be thinking too much orange sunshine......

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