Friday, March 30, 2007

Your Dreams Are Missing You! I'm not Lion.

Last night I dreamt of lions they were stalking around the yard on the prowl. Then they were grabbing babies in their mouths and leaving with them. When I looked closer at the babies they were "bush babies" more like little lumps with big heads and no faces. So I stayed inside and pitched a tent in the kitchen built a fire and hoped all the doors were locked to keep the lions out.
Carl Jung said that all wild animals indicate latent affects (feelings and emotions that we do not readily deal with). They are also symbolic of dangers (hurtful and negative things) being "swallowed" by the unconscious. The lion is a symbol of social distinction and leadership. The interpretation depends on the circumstances and the interactions with the lion. Hummmm interesting veeeeery interesting..
My Zodiac sign is Leo the Lion which makes me very cool indeed.

One snowy day we all went to the Zoo the place was mostly empty so when no one was around I stepped over the cat inclosure and petted the female lion, the male didn't like it and moved between us. The links were small so he could not take my head off. I love lions I should paint a lion. I also love gorillas and they love me also.

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