Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cabin Fever in the Bear Cave

It's winter time in Alaska sort of, only today the Chinook winds have been blowing melting all the snow the high temperature is in the 40s. I moved here from SLC in 1995. Never before had I experienced air so cold that my nose hairs froze burrrrr. Not that I'm complaining but in the past few years our winter temps seem to be warmer than some places in the lower 48 (that's what we call the states below). And with Sunrise: 9:21am and Sunset: 4:09pm it was dark when I went to work and dark when I came home. I rush around doing shopping and chores while there is daylight. I have 100 things to d0 so instead I put on my pJs and took a nap it's so dark and damp. Pushing Daises is on TV and Perfect Strangers is in the DVD player. Tomorrow and the day after is soon enough. Like a bear it's a good time to hibernate tomorrow is the great American turkey day when we will all be drugged with triytophane. I'm feeling lazy today and tomorrow I'll be feeling crazy with a house full of family and friends. Yes, I'm grateful to be here it's just cabin fever and bears get a little grumpy if the can't sleep all day and night.

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