Monday, November 26, 2007

Contemporary Alaskan Art "Raven and Salmon"

Title: Raven and Salmon
Artist: Judy Vars
Medium: Encaustic Wax
Dimensions: L 30.5 x W 16
Date of Creation: 3/2007

I'm submiting this to the local Palmer Museum Art Accusition grant from the Rasumson Foundation they want current contemporary art. The definition according to Google an interesting thread is thread is;
Contenmporary means current, as in up to date with the times. Not meaning made today, but utilizing current/new/advanced ideas. Not only ideas pertaining to art itself: specific mediums or techiniques (although those certainly apply), but the poitical, social, philisophical, world at large, climate.

This is what the Rasmuson Foundation find "contemporary" look at the art on display on their home page, the selections are very, very, very very good.
I think mine is very good also and worthy of consideration.
Since Thanksgiving I have been on the run I worked two long days at the Girdwood Center for the visual arts they had their annual fund raiser silent art auction. The turn out was poor not as planned but the Girdwoodites always come out for support regardless on weather conditions. The rain all weekend was like a monsoon just unbelievable. Alyeska's ski slopes did not open for their first big snow weekend the rain melted the snow, there were avalanches, and even the back of the gallery flooded. The Anchorage Folks just didn't take the drive. Who can blame them? You'd have to be nuts to go out on the Turnigan Arm in such weather conditions (don't believe me read

My "Salmon in the Shadows" went for just 85.00 to a couple visiting from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, they even bid on the telephone before the bidding closed. Connie sounded so happy to get it and told me they loved it! That made it worthwhile for me. OMG I' forgot to pick up my son from basket ball! SHIT I'M OUTTA HERE.........

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akfnp said...

hi judy!! i love the raven and salmon. i hope they think its very, very, very good as well.
thanks for the plug- i cant imagine what it was like in girdwood with all that rain. glad you didnt wash away.