Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm Mortified and Sitting in an Avalanche of Papers

Just before Christmas a lady who bought my Three Muses painting at the Girdwood Forest Fair called me out of the blue, said she loves the painting but it STINKS! I think OMG!!! So I just sit there a minute silent trying to understand, she said it started to get an odor. I ask what does it smell like? And she says funky yet pungent. I was flummoxed not knowing what to say about this odd occurrence. I suggested she put it in a bag and set it outside. What else could I say?

I have no idea why one on my encaustic paintings would develop a smell????
I will do a little research online and ask the R&F paints forum.
I found 4 ready made box frames made from wood at the Salvation Army and used them to create four really nice peices. Often I use found objects in my artwork, It’s my way of recycling. I love that type of folk art it's my thing. Perhaps the wood was treated or the glue that was used? The picture of the three muses from Botticelli's painting was taken out of a book, perhaps the ink? I just don't know? #&*#+ Oh my.
Does someone out there have some idea why that sort of thing might happen?
Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever even heard of such a thing?
This is a most ignominious situation. The words your art stinks keeps ringing in my ears……….. at least she didn't say it smells like butt.

I must replace the painting as soon as possible after the New Year. YIKES and
My office and studio is a complete disaster. The way I get organized is I tear everything apart and put it back neatly. Won’t someone help me pleeeze.
Thank you
p.s. I got a new large heavy duty easel delivered to my house today from an anonymous gift giver.
Thank you and I love you to.

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