Friday, January 11, 2008

Mr and Mrs Salmon one of my bread and butter paintings

A client of mine Connie from Florida who bought "Salmon in the Shadows " at GCVA (Girdwood Center for the Visual Arts) called me and commissioned me to paint another one. Awesome, she wants it for her sister who lives in Anchorage. She told me her sister loves jewel tones, good!
I adore the beautiful jewel tones. She loves the way the light and shadow played on the canvas and the smooth even texture of the paint. So after my job I drove to Anchorage to buy the type of canvas that I need a 10" x 20" wrapped canvas, some oil paints and new brushes. I have painted many fish using the indirect method of oil painting, that is many layers of paint applied evenly and dried before the next layer is applied. It is a perfect way to paint fish in water. I will start tomorrow and post each phase of the painting describing the process as I go. It is a very methodical way to paint and takes time and patience but I really enjoy the process.

Above is another salmon painting, someone named Mr. and Mrs Salmon won this one on E-Bay on a make an offer listing. I don't do E-Bay anymore but perhaps should rethink that decision I did sell some art and have some good times buying other peoples art.

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