Sunday, March 30, 2008

iT'S sNoWiNg!#*

I know it's Spring but it's not done snowing yet, I don't care the long summer days are coming. In the summer I get a little manic the sun never sets, people are busy with all the regular summer activities, boating, fishing, racing, swimming except we are doing it with a crazy intensity, playing and running around like there is no tomorrow. Because really there is no tomorrow the sun never sets. Yes it is a little strange and hard to get used to 24 hour of eternal sunshine it's the opposite of the endless darkness of winter, that's why I'm depressive in the winter and manic in the summer and I love it!

Last night we went to see John Gorka and Susan Werner at the Center for Performing Arts, they were good professional performers with voices as clear as bells they had a good clean sound, the lyrics they wrote were thought provoking, entertaining, funny and interesting, it was very enjoyable night out.

Salmon Update: It took almost a week to properly glue the fins with JB Weld and now the salmon has the first coat of wax. I am going to wait until tomorrow buff and paint some more.