Sunday, May 04, 2008

Friday when I took the salmon "A Natural Beauty at 50" to the I.B.E.W I was so proud. The woman at the reception desk was impressed with the realness of it, the woman handling the fish was in love with it and several men came out of their offices to say WOW!
So now it's gone no longer in my hands and I was having some separation anxiety and worries about the fishes life from here on out. While encaustic wax will not melt until it reaches 160 degrees, it might, I've never tested the theory outdoors, also the curious can scratch the body and frequently vandals hurt the art, and unscrupulous meanies steal the fish. So I said a prayer; please God take care of the salmon and please see that it get put indoors a place like the Alaska Performing Arts Center, or the Anchorage Museum of History and art would be the best places for it." AMEN

Last night in conjunction with Dawn and my show Paul Pike of Medicine Dream was giving a solo performance. Great show in an intimate setting, while it was way too loud the songs were good and he explained them fully. Their genre of powwow and pop music blended together is quite good , but when he sang a native song over a hundred and fifty years old with the drum I felt my goose flesh rising, the words and sounds that I could not understand on an intellectual level resonated in my soul and he played a love song on his flute is was so hauntingly beautiful I just about cried.

The lake ice is about 25 feet out from the shore now, Benson our choc lab has been for a swim I saw two trumpeter swans today, some green headed ducks, and heard the cranes flying so high you can hardly see them.
Spring and Summer is coming again to Alaska and during this time I cannot even dream of vacationing anywhere else, the natural beauty and wildlife it is beyond description. This summer I am getting out in nature more!

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