Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sneek Preview of the Salmon On Parade 2008

There are 25 salmon on parade this year in Downtown Anchorage. The sneak preview at the Conoco Building was huge there were cocktails at the pre-party for the artists and sponsors, finger food, live music, newspaper, T.V. and hordes of people eyeballing the salmon and voting on their favorite, I spoke to 100s of people from everywhere, posed for photos with my fish, talked with some of the other artists, it was a great time. My fish will be at Once Upon a Blue Moose 4th Ave. and L all summer then at the State Fair at the end of summer with the other salmon.
This is Sluice Box Sal done my my friend Jules Wolfe.
Translam"Alaska Pipeline by Kimberly Sikora. I wonder if this entry was political with oil dripping from the Salmons mouth while it's spawned out?
A Natural Beauty at 50! This is me next to my silver salmon throwing my fish face. A Natural Beauty at 70 said to me are you two twins? because you're both natural beauties; How lovely and kind is she. Everyone commented on how real my silver looked. Oh baby
I love fishy kisses......

The day was a total blast I had a great time even Mayor Mark Begich showed up and gave us our cudos :) And we are not finished yet; September 8th there is a fancy fish fry dinner and auction where the salmon will be auctioned off to the highest bidder and I've heard that people really get competitive and bidding wars happen, I've been told people have paid up to eight grand to own one of these salmon! It could happen......
Here is the link to see the other Salmon on Parade


P.A. GIbbons said...

WOW..been following this fish Judy, and he is so FABULOUS!


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