Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm exhausted all day at the Meta-Rose-Square under the clock tower the bands the noise and all the teenagers in the valley were there. I made my debut as the featured artist in the Make a Scene promotional video. YIKES thats all I can say..........The video was quite good made by Blambo Entertainment a couple of very talented kids I hope this link works to My Space and Blogger don't play well together.

It was a great day. I made some friends this attractive lady just moved here from Massachusetts and is building a house in my neighborhood on a nearby lake. It's a small world afterall. Here is her site Sharen is nice and an accomplished artist she paints in a romantic style, nice, nice very nice.

Here is a teenager who drew people for $5.00, isn't she cute as a button. Here is me in anime now I'm cute too.

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annie kelleher said...

well congrats to you!!!!!