Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fish Fry & Buy live auction at the Sheraton in Anchorage

I was there at the fancy fish fry auction for the Salmon. It was interesting to see the folks all dressed up in their finery, getting all juiced up on wine and champagne and bidding big money on the Salmon. Mayor Begich was there with other political types also his good looking and nice 14 year old son who bid big money on one of the salmon.

The Rock Star of the night was the Glam Slam the Lure of Our 49th State it sold for a whopping $5,400.00. Cell phones were ringing, people posturing and negotiating it was high stakes and finance. Mine sold at a decent $1,500, they put my face on the wide screens dimples and all (good grief did I ask for all this attention?) Bob of KWHALE said it looked just like it came out of the stream. Anyway it was a blast and I hope to get to do it again.
A Natural Beauty at 50! swims away further upstream to get laid; lay her eggs and finish her cycle.

Incindentely if you would like one of your own just contact me through this blog and we can negociate. I'll be in Girdwood at the Girdwood Center for the Visual Arts tomorrow. (907) 355-2219


annie kelleher said...

wow!!! 1500!!! how cool is THAT!! congrats and kudos! sounds like a wonderful time was had by all :).

akfnp said...

nice job judy!!!! i thought natural beauty was amazing.

Judy Vars said...

Thank you both so, so much.