Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wasilla to Denali State Park on the Alaska Railroad or another lame slide show

We are on an adventure. Today we are relaxing, buying souvenirs, having coffee and using the cafe internet, neet. The weather is crisp and the season is winding down. I am taking pictures and documenting our get away and will make a slide show for you. Tonight a family style dinner theatre about the 1900's should be a brawdy good time. More to come....xoxo judy


annie kelleher said...

hope you all have fun! sounds like a delightful way to spend these last days of summer! :)

JILLblog said...

Isn't Alaska in fall WONDERFUL! Too bad its so fleeting. Good for you taking a break and doing the train. I should do more of it. Love heading up to Fairbanks this time of year and going through Broad Pass. Think there's snow up there yet with all this rain?