Monday, October 13, 2008

Did you Miss me? I've Been Real Naughty with my postings So Spank Me!

My artist girlfriend Sharon Harris just got back from Paris! What a lucky lady, she rented a chateau with some other artists, they painted, ate, shopped, visited the Louve. I asked her to bring me some erotic post cards and she brought me some real good ones. Finally someone who understands my quirky sense of humor. This one is too funny. don't you think? If you're nice I'll post another one. If my photoshop was installed I'd pink up her ass cheeks a little.
Is that man smiling? The sadistic bastard.

The weekend went well with the Alaska Art Education Assoc. Fall Conference. Saturday night I attended a banquet and met some interesting people in the Alaska art scene. My art donation was acutioned at a good price and my encaustic painting classes were very popular. If given the opportunity I'd do it again. The art teachers made some great encaustic paintings. They seemed to pick up the techniques right away, unlike me who struggled at first with the wax. But I am doing my part to spread "the cult of the wax."


annie kelleher said...

oh the mind boggles when one considers all the uses of hot wax! :)))))) so nice to see you back!!! i was wondering where you'd got to!

Judy Vars said...

Hi Annie I'm baaak. My computer crashed.
:( It's like missing a limb we rely so much on this little box.