Monday, December 01, 2008

Burrrrrrr It's Cold and Santa is Coming to Town all too soon

sunrise 9:48 a.m. and sunset 3:46 p.m. day length 5:58

Today's low temperature -10 and high temperature 13

When the temperature goes below zero and the days are short my body clock gets confused;
Seems like I just get started on my work and rushing around to do the errands before it's gets dark. Then I feel like I've done a full days work, and now it's time to cook dinner, but it's only four clock. At six o clock I want to take a warm bath, put my PJ's on, go to bed with a nice cup of warm sleepy time tea and hot milk.
I've waited long enough is it bedtime yet?

25 days until Christmas sleep well.


annie kelleher said...

it is AMAZING to me how mammallian we truly are - every year at this time i go to bed earlier and earlier until finally - usually right around xmas i say to myself - annie, only eight year olds go to bed at EIGHT!!! but it feels like the middle of the night once the sun starts going down around four... haha - todays encryption word was polatte - that immediately made me think of a hot drink you have near the poles to stay warm and awake!!!!!

akfnp said...

Better yet Judy, only 18 days till solstice when that sun will come round again!
from the pagan in me to the pagan in you- "We Can Do It!!!"