Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My computer crashed again.... so what else is new

i'm still wating for more ram or another hardrive. I have many art opportunites in the fire, and cannot produce fast enough, right now i am concentrating on getting my house in order 15 minutes at a time with the Fly Lady. I got a Wii fit but have not gottin on it for 2 days and its going to bitch at me when i do, measuring my body fat telling me im old and fat.

If i get organized, fit and famous then what?

Isn't it a wonderful system where we can oust our leader every 4 or 8 years.
It's a wonderful country that can vote for our first black president on his merits.
I have not felt so hopeful and inspired by a new president since I was a little girl and John F. Kennedy was our president.

I will do my part to help our country and it's citizens realize our new beginning. I am willing to pick myself up and dust myself off, be green, volunteer, choose to communicate and respect all people. I will not give up turn back or falter.
What a wonderful and frightening time to be alive.
Did I overuse the word wonderful?


annie kelleher said...

amen sister!!! it really is an amazing day!!!! i hope you get your puter woes fixed asap!!! thanks for all your entries in my contest!!!!!

P.A. GIbbons said...

You might need a new computer - it isn't that costly these days... I have been helping mine limp along for a while now. But I will have to give in and get a new one someday....

Fly Lady for 15 minutes?!! Tell me MORE.

Kudos to you, to the US, and to us for helping make it happen. I am overjoyed and it is indeed, as you put it, WONDERFUL. (as are you)
ms p

Judy Vars said...

if I get a new one I will get a MAC I believe the commercials