Friday, August 28, 2009

Egos Galore or Is it just me?

Recently I've collided some egos in the art world. How do I recognize this? because I am an admitted egotist with an inferiority complex.

Here are some examples; while at an artist meeting a lady introduced herself to me like this, "I'm Michelle and speak with a British accent." OK? it's not like my ears can't pick up uour charming British accent. I pass around my mushroom encaustic painting to the group and got a critique. The lady with the British accent said, "does the painting stand out as a painting? why was it painted in encaustic? Is it because I was just seduced by the medium?" What? Was I just insulted?

The other day another fellow artist and former friend (I broke up with her because she is high maintenance) called me to say that she had something to say that has been vexing her. She said my Virgin Mary with Jesus in her belly is very similar to something she painted over 10 years ago and she accused me of plagiarizing her work. OMG does that mean that all icons are plagiarized? Instead of calling her a crazy itch and hanging up the phone. I sought to reason with her but to no avail her mind was set.

Are there any new ideas really or has everything been done before? Years ago when I did my first assemblage I thought.WOW! I invented a new type of art. After researching a little further I soon discovered Assemblage art is definitely not a new idea.

When I picked up encaustic painting 6 or 7 years ago it was unique and new. Alas it is getting more and more popular, main stream and trendy.

I work hard at being a professional painter and artist; improving my skills and techniques, keeping my eyes and spirit open for inspiration and ideas, always striving to learn new things as they apply to my artistic vision.
I am secure with my artwork and I do not need to copy yours.

BTW most of the hits I get on this blog are people grabbing images of my artwork and photographs.

So I implore you readers, is there anything new under the sun or has it all been done before?
Let me know what you think about the questions of intellectual property, plagiarism and egotistical people, I promise not to take it too personally.

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Kimberly Bustillos said...

I like this blog! Very nice. I don't think there is anything really new, just new takes on the old. And there is nothing like snooty are folks ; )