Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Yakking, Painting and Getting Inspired

Yesterday I drove to Anchorage to attend the Alaskan chapter meeting of International Encaustic Artists, Jannan Kitchen gave her experiences at the last conference. I want to go to the next one in Carmel, CA this October 1 - 4th but I did not meet my goal to sell enough art in a month to pay for the trip. Art is an expensive endeavor; the supplies, the marketing, the time spent, the commissions, the fees, the postage and handling. It's no wonder by the time the client buys their masterpiece they pay for it! I listened and took notes if I only remember 10% I am doing pretty good.

Then I stopped by the Firefly to move my art into the first room it's better real estate in the gallery.
I was invited to a YAKKING circle with some younger artists. I was inspired to paint a beautiful witch with a partial nipple showing. One of the younger women volunteered to let me take some pictures of her, perhaps I can get her to model for me, a real live model would make a much better painting.

Today, put the finishing touches on my wolf for the juried wolf show at the Madd Matters Gallery October 10th. Last night I left the easel with the painting on it outside the sliding door and later walked past and thought a real wolf was staring in, it was scary just like a dream I had, the wolf was at the door and I tried to light a fire in the living room then run and hide but the wolf kept coming and found me hiding in the closet.
My wolf is very realistic.

I am getting ready for my Encaustic Wax Demonstration and mini class at Make a Scene!_Music_Fest_09/Performance_Hall.html:
Duh they did not put the date and time of the class in the paper.
October 16th from 4 - 7 p.m.

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