Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sweet Tico Woman

Title: Anita Polanca
Medium: Oil
Size: 16" X 20"
Artist: Judy Vars
Price: unframed 320.00

On our holiday to Costa Rica we went to the copy store in Puerto Imenez and this old woman was out sunning herself in the afternoon. I asked Peter to take a picture of this beautiful old woman. He started a conversation with her and found out that she is 97 her parents came from Spain, after charming her and kissing her little hand she graciously posed for a photograph with a little twinkle in her eyes and a girlish smile. Costa Rica is a “Blue Zone” meaning people are healthier and live longer. This is a painting I wanted to do since our last trip to Costa Rica.
Tico is what the Costa Ricans call themselves translated it means little. I put my friend:
Cappy Will Kitsos on the job to find her name out
Will-Do Services Unltd.
What they won't do Will-do will do...
Will came through her name is Anita Polanca.


Tali said...

What a fabulous painting and such a wonderful memory! Thanks for sharing!

Patti Gibbons said...

KagosaVampire said...

Beautiful painting...

Im from Costa Rica, you might as well call the painting "sweet tica", tica is the female version of tico.

KagosaVampire said...


Judy Vars said...

You are right, Sweet Tica Anita Polanca.