Thursday, February 11, 2010

44 Ways To Give a Blow Job or How to Please All the People All the Time

Sure I am a little pissed! I've got the right to be, it's just not easy trying to people please instead of learning to trust my instincts. It is time to set myself free. Thank God I have a holiday starting February 14th Costa Rica baby.
Ahhhhhhhh rain in a rain forest, hot molten volcanoes, cloud forests, chocolate, fruit and my beloved.

My hilarious, eccentric, writer friend
Evonne (name changed at request of my friend) and I had a fun conversation about silly people and our own reactions to situations, she told me her idea for a short story;
"44 ways to give a blow job" so I used it in my blog title. There is a double entendre there an intellegent person (you) will not fail to see the hidden meaning. So if anyone wants to comment on blow job techniques, people pleasing, setting yourself free, or holidays, I'm collecting data for her short story. Set yourself free say whatever you please there is no censor on this blog and you can remain anonymous.
I love you!***where is
my fluffer.


Anonymous said...

Well, all I can say is people really are going to wonder now if I am a Christian or not. But I am a smart ass more often than not. What better way to get rid of a bad mood than to make fun of society. To make fun of us (since society I am a part of.) I just wish you'd given me an alias. Of course that would mean I'm a hypocrite. But I always did say we should all wear t-shirts saying "hypocrites are us". But now how am I going to sell the story after I finish it?

Judy Vars said...

Yobs no one reads my blog anyway.
Christians give blow jobs all the time.
You can publish it with an alias name. Like Rosy Palm and her five sisters or Fluff Harder take yer pick.