Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This happened a week ago and I'm healing nicely more stories later

We are safe and secure in our little motel Cabinas Marcelinas in Puerto Jimenez it feels very comfortable and welcoming all the town folk seem to remember us and are happy to see us.
But I got a story to tell. On the way back from the Arenal Volcano we went to a hotel in San Jose a nice Clarion by the airport. We were going to dinner and the hotel had a ramp down to the lower level it was the same color as the floor and there were no railings. I was looking at the artwork and slipped and sprained my ankle, It hurt so bad I cried like a baby. The bell man ran over and got me some ice and then the manager came and said we should call an ambulance and take me to the hospital there the ambulance arrived and there was much cross talk all in Spanish over me finally they took me to the state hospital Mexico. This hospital wasthe huge old scary edifice I had seen on my way out of San Jose three days prior. I said
OMG look at that building "how would you like to have to be in there" Me and Peter were the only Gringos there and a little tico girl helped translate taking passports and information. It was a waking nightmare really when I went into the trauma room with no shoes there were all sorts of infirmery old women in pain, some waiting on gurneys, a girl with a head wound, a man with a face wound, a woman heaving into a plastic bag and we with my ankle swolen up line a tennis ball. They took XRays on a 1960 machine the place was lets just say not sanitary and everything was very old OMG, the residents just sat around bullshiting and looking busy. I waited five hours after everyone else had been treated and I was finally getting indignant then they told me they lost my XRays and needed to shoot more. My husband complained loudly and they only said sorry and seemed slightly amused. Finally the orthopedic surgeon said no fractures, keep ice on it,take ibprophen stay off it and wrap it. Nothing was provided not even ice.
I wonder if they had a motive to teach the Gringo a lesson? Yes I learned my lesson on many levels: do not temp the fates and say things like OMG I'll never or desparige any other culture or their architecture.

Good news the Clarion paid for the hotel, ambulance ride, emergency room, taxi, and stay on the way back on the 13th, we went back the the hotel at 3:00am and I slept very soundly on demoral.


Tam said...

OMG! I'm glad you're OK!! Please give us an update when you're feeling up to it! Tam

Nicole said...

They need a new category under reactions: OMG!

I think you told me about my recent fall "Those are the things you remember the best". So, to you I say ...