Saturday, October 02, 2010

I Love Myself The Way I Am

This is the song I use to distract myself from negative nonproductive thinking. I have now been fasting (only eating 500 calories a day) for 25 days and heading toward 40. Tonight I had a little slip, I ate some Crispini crackers, just like an addict once I tasted one I wanted the whole box. After that debrachury I got down on myself and started to call myself mean names. Up to this point I was near perfect in following my protocol. When I get off center this one of the little tricks that I use to get back on I simply sing this song it distracts me long enough to forget what I was thinking about.

Today I swept the cobwebs away, mopped the floors, and organized my studio. As the fat melts away so will the clutter and chaos. It's time for a new start  a new me! but right now it's time for bed. U-tube always keeps me up too late. Sweet Dreams

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