Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Become as Little Children - Jesus

Look at my fetish doll - it's mine all mine - not everything is for sale . Driftwood gathered from the beach at Golovin, Alaska, Raven feathers, Seagull feathers, bird beak, cracked seagull egg, old spoon of Grandmother's with Emilie one of the Dionne quintuplets born in the 30s before fertility drugs.
I remember all 5 quint spoons now only one is left and it has been purloined for my doll. The inspiration for "Emilie" was of course being in the real Alaska, with time to be with myself, on a peninsula, collecting beach things and reading Julia Cameron's book “The Vein of Gold a Journey to Your Creative Heart.” Along with faithfully doing my three pages of longhand writing everyday. I get a chance to clear my head first thing and plan my day and perhaps go a little deeper into my psyche and uncover some pure gold. To quote directly from her book...

“According to doll making legend, the original work for doll was “idol” We have just lopped off the “I.” When we make dolls we are invoking God like powers. Doll making is a very powerful form of magic. Because we are working directly with the human figure in a form that appeals to our child self, we are talking directly to our creative consciousness, which in turn speaks directly to our Higher Self.

“Doll making is a very potent form of turning it over to God. Therefore, dolls are extremely potent tools for manifestation. (It is no accident that dolls are used in Voodoo.)” But if dolls can be—and have been—used negatively, they can also be used positively, and that is what we are doing here.”

My job is to live with my creation and just see what my doll this reveals to me. I have some good ideas what this doll is saying, which I will save for my morning pages. 

Why is it that dexterity, knowledge of art, and taste do not necessarily add up to what we seek in art?
Peter London

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