Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Call me a Diva, I Want A Staff

I need a personal assistant like Picasso, or a whole gaggle of groupies like Andy Warhol ready to do anything I tell them to do.

I've got the "do it myself syndrome" but honestly, I can't do-it-all!! Even though I try, I really try.  I've spent all day today organizing my art business and setting up a data base to track everything, getting togrther photos of my work, CRAZY. But I am so right brained that it's hard to focus on one thing at a time, besides I hate paperwork. I want all my ideas put into motion and

If I had a staff of helpers my mansion would be impeccable no one would ever have just one sock, dinner would be delicious and healthy every night no frozen pizzas ever again, my personal trainer would keep me in perfect shape, my assistant would organize everything including my social life and remind me of important engagements, bring me some herbal tea, shelter me from the slings and arrows of my critics. I would retire to my studio every day requesting that I not be disturbed until lunch and paint priceless masterpieces while watching the ocean.

Really this is my favorite fantasy next to being a sexy torch singer or winning the biggest lottery ever.

So Just for today know that I can do only one thing at a time and bite by bite I can eat the whole elephant. I can't believe I ate the whole elephant. BCWYAF (be careful what you ask for)..........

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LL Cool Joe said...

Dreams and reality can be so far apart can't they?

Good that you are busy though. :)