Sunday, October 16, 2011

Making a Self Portrait

Let me make this clear this painting is not finished! It is very definitely a work in progress. The painting you see took just a few hours but the completed portrait may take awhile. All great artists have painted themselves Van Gough, Rembrandt, Frida Kahlo, etc. In my case I wanted to paint a beautiful witch for Halloween. I did not have a georgeous, sexy, real live model to work with. So I decided to use myself, the idea was to light my face from underneath which is not a very flattering light, although it is dramatic and witchy,

I wanted my face to look like it was bathed in candle light. The original idea was to have her wearing a witches hat and costume and standing in a graveyard, haunted mansion, or with runes on the wall, something spooky and intriguing. Since I was using myself as the model I was less willing to depict me as to witchy, weird or wicked. This marks the first time I have ever painted myself. What stopped me was telling myself things like I’m not beautiful enough, too old, or it's self centered and narcissistic. Of course at my age I could use a mini facelift but painting me and accepting me  and the way I am today; wrinkles, eye bags, grey hair, lumps etc. is a great way to practice compassion, acceptance and love for the person I am most critical of (me). Painting a self portrait is also a great meditation for really looking at oneself  objectively. Noticing all my flaws and assets and acknowledging exactly where I am in time. It all fits together like a puzzle, gray hair, frown lines, happy lines, green eyes, bags and bumps, separate and alone under my scrutiny my flaws are obvious, but as part of the whole my portrait is complete and perfect and still a work in progress. Here is my favorite affirmation...

I am at peace with my age for me it is always now.
I came to this planet to experience every age.
I am at peace with where I am at in time.
My future is Glorious.


Greg said...

It doesn't look at all like Van Gogh!

painting courses said...

nice concept, i like the idea of the light underneath, i agree, looks like very witchy...great job and keep up!