Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Southwest Art

Judy Vars
Madd Matters Gallery
1088 South Colony Way, Palmer, AK 99501

Southwest Magazine, May, 2012 page 119 is where you will find me. I am that nerd that cannot throw away even one issue of Southwest magazine I have saved them from 1975 really!
I thought the people who get to showcase their art Southwest Mag must be awesome.
Back when I was a closet artist working in a mans world so I could make a mans wage, I secretly longed for the life of an artist. In my quiet times I would flip though the pages of the Southwest magazines I had collected daydreaming of being one of those people. It is interesting to look back and see where some of the seeds of my artistic obsession began. 

 About 2 months ago I received this e-mail:

Sent: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 9:41 AM
Subject: Southwest Art Magazine

Hi Judy,

We would like to invite you to participate in our May issue's special section. We will be featuring a special advertising section for Encaustic Painters. Whether you are looking to attract collectors to your work, find more representation in many of the galleries that look to our magazine for new artists or simply draw people to your website to promote your events, our special sections have proven to be very successful!

I paraphrase: Opportunity, showcase, 40,000 collectors, Promotional rate, Prominent People in the Art World etc.........

 They had hooked me for sure. I couldn’t believe that Southwest Magazine was contacting me, ME? ME! Yes my vanity and self promoting instincts kicked in and I took the bait.  So if you get a chance pick up the May issue and see my advertisement on page 119.

Not the front page or the featured artist but still I am in a well respected 40 year old national publication.

Hey I’m impressed even if you’re not.


Andrea said...

Color me impressed! Congratulations!

Sharen AK Harris said...

Outstanding - your paintings look great in the mag. Love your work!!!