Friday, August 17, 2012

Wall Flower or Late Bloomer?

Late Bloomer or Wall Flower
Self Portrait
oil on canvas

The cat is out of the bag! Today I turned the big Six OOO, this is even more exciting than turning 40 even 50! This is a self portrait I painted as a gift to myself; I couldn’t decide what to call it - Late Bloomer or a Wall Flower?  My sign is Leo the Lion, I am on the cusp of Virgo the Virgin with Scorpio rising and this is me at 60! As a general rule I do not lie about my age or refuse to answer when people enquire "how old are you"? Often their next words are, oh my, you really don't look that old, that is music to my ears. In this self portrait I tried to be true to myself and record what I see, chubby cheeks, straight hair, dark circles under eyes, lines and all. How did I ever get to become a sexagenarian? That's someone who is between 60 and 69 and obviously sexy.

There are 21,915 days when you factor in leap years in 60 years and if we live to be at least 80 that's another 7,305 days (how I do obsess) in the big scheme of things that does not sound like allot of days after all.  It reminds me of my mother’s favorite soap opera, cue the sappy music and hear the man’s deep voice saying “like sands through the hour glass, so are the daaays of our lives”.

My life today feels complete my mood is happy and grateful any tough days that I’ve had are mixed with all my other days and just as the grains of sand in the hour glass all part of my yesterdays and today is my very special day.

I am sooo very proud of All My Children (another soap box reference), grateful for my friends and family and I am glad that I finally found a good man who appreciates the awesomeness of me.  I am also appreciative for my current dwelling on a pristine lake in of all places ALASKA and I am so happy that today Wii Fit said my fitness age is that of a 30 year old woman.

Now that was a great present!