Tuesday, March 28, 2006

As a Stud Benson is a Dud or El Pierro Hoto

Its just like I thought Benson is too immature to know just what is expected of him in the stud dog department. Rosie the female was also young and inexperienced they never made the connection. Oh well maybe next time.

I'm going to finish the last couple of pages of my latest self-help book, (It's All In Your Head) or Thinking Your Way To Happiness. Pollan and Levine. I got this book because I saw it reviewed on good Morning America. The first quote in the book:
Happiness is a How, not a what; a talent, not an object. -Hermann Hesse
Or suffering is a human condition and like the Buddha preached all his life practice mercy and nonviolence. All you need to do is change your attitude toward life.

Today I will accept that my best is good enough, today I am supremely happy. That is a start. Spring or as we Alaskans call it "break up" is finally here the temperature is 40 to 50 the sun is out. That is a recipie for a great day and a good attitude.

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Elise Tomlinson said...

Hi Judy, The blog is off to a great start. Things that seem to make a blog more interesting are:

frequent updates
photo posts from time to time
write about something interesting or from the heart
keep posts relatively short.

I don't follow all those rules myself, I tend to get a bit long winded but there ya go.

Also, I notice that your links area still says "edit me". As I mentioned before, if you add links to some of your favorite blogs they may return the favor (I never actually ask for reciprocal linking but people will do "vanity" searches in google to see who is linking to them, and if they see that you are, and they like your blog, they will usually return the favor).

Also, by posting thoughtful comments in other people's blogs and linking back to your own, people sometimes click on your name to check out your blog and end up becoming readers. Also, you should link to your blog from your art website and vice versa.

I hope this helps.