Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Willow Witch with Grandpa aka Zeus

The Willow Witch and Grandpa
16 x 20
Judy Vars

Rhonda also known as the Willow Witch is sitting pretty sipping absinthe with her familiar and faithful dog “Grandpa.”  The Willow Witch offers intuitive readings and will use her powers of perception and piercing eyes to council you and help guide you down a positive path.

From potent potions, herbs, incense, candles, crystals and oils, stop in and shop with Rhonda for all your witchy needs.

The Willow Witch also offers beautiful Tarot decks, jewelry, staffs, clothes, brooms, the original artwork of local artisans and other beautiful curiosities. For your prurient interests you will be more than satisfied - guaranteed.
62835 South Parks Hwy, Willow, Alaska
mile marker 85.5

8 x 10 Prints

$5.00 Each