Monday, September 07, 2015

Little Gothic Girl

Gothic Girl
20 x 17

Oh the joys of Grandmotherhood. Nicole my eldest daughter and I dressed up Rhaya my granddaughter for a photo shoot just so we could have some fun and so I could paint her. She being hyper kinetic and more of a sporty girl than a make-up girl cannot sit still for even 2 minutes so she indulged our urge to play dress up on her. We got quite a few poses for future paintings. Rhaya is my pride and joy; bi-lingual, smart, healthy, good esteem, "her future is so bright she's got to wear shades" I seem to have caught her impish essence.
I guess the Alaska State Fair judges thought so to because this won the big prize!!The Grand Champion. WOOT WOOT (that's me tooting my own horn).

15 Limited edition artist galley wrapped canvas giclee prints (artist enhanced): 20 x 17  $265.00

15 limited edition giclee prints of fine paper  20 x 17 $130.00

Small prints: 8.5 x 5.5  $15.00

Please contact me if interested: 907.355.2219