Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 Wearable Art Show - Anything Goes

This is my contribution to this years Wearable Art Show "Anything Goes" go there to see all the models and prior years.  I modeled for the first time this year. Nicole (my eldest daughter) did all the interesting stuff like the goggles, hat, necklace which is sooo great. A fun time was had by all and to work with my daughter the inventor was priceless.

The Mistress of Time is packed and ready for adventure - any place and any time.
This Steampunk inspired creation is Victorian fashion meets technology, form meets function, machines meet magic. The look is inspired by a future vision of Jules Verne and modern technology powered by steam.
Materials: Cogs, gears, watch parts, springs, brass, old papers and maps, ephemera, Victorian lace, taffeta, and leather.

Artist: Nicole Barker