Friday, August 29, 2008

I Woke Up This Morning in Bizarre-O-World aka The Twilight Zone

After staying up late last night watching Barrack Obamas powerful acceptance speech. I was sleeping in a few extra minutes having a good dream when Peter woke me up with a cup of coffee and saying; Sarah Palin our pretty governor and former mayor of Wasilla, was John McCains V.P. Republican running mate? That was a lot to take in even while sleep was still clouding my brain. Super mom of 5, extremely conservative, enthusiastic hockey mom, very competent, beauty queen, lifetime member of the NRA (I call her miss goody two shoes with dirty bloomers). But now she has the potential to be the President of the Free World! Are living in bizarre-o-world?

Ok, I've tried not to use my blog to vent my liberal political views, someone once called me a closet Democrat, but this is latest has brought me out-of-the-closet. Sarah represents more of the old paradigm, drill for more oil, and drill for more gold, use our resources for greedy gain until there is no more for anyone. Example in the primary election Alaskans were asked to vote on prop 4 which was a bill to protect Bristol Bay and the salmon streams from the toxic poison like cyanide that will be created by the new Pebble Mine. The prop was voted down, I felt as betrayed as when OJ got away with murder. Miss Palin spoke up that day and said she would vote no on the proposition 4 to protect the water saying she trusts the laws already in place. With an 89 percent approval rating she is a very popular lady and most people listen. Don't forget she is onboard with the war in Iraq and her oldest son enlisted.

I wonder if the rest of the US will see it for what it is; a feeble attempt for Republicans to jump on the theme of change and put a woman on the ticket. Did you notice how uncomfortable Mr. McCain looked during her speech and did you see how Cindy was discretely checking out her butt?
Oh please just don’t get me started ……………how bizarre, how bizarre.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Very Own One-Of-A-Kind Doll, Alaska Judy

While on my journey I connected with a great old sister/friend Linda Kitson, in her former life she was a midwife and a spiritual teacher now she is an artist, which I believe says volumes about her. This doll came today all the way from Gold Hill, Nevada, she is my doll Alaska Judy, she asked to be created and choose her own unique look and style, she is carrying a backpack with sage, sweet grass for smudging, colored pencils, paper and a blanket.

Linda also gave me a Mother Peace reading, It was so enlightening and inspirational, I gleaned so much helpful information from that reading, like do mirror work for my self esteem issues, ie; I love you, you are beautiful, and It's OK to be alone that I am a creative solitaire, people don't need to understand my need to sometimes isolate, it society's restraints that make me feel that something is wrong with me or my desire to be alone. I am learning to love myself and will do whatever it takes I have it in me! I have been trying to hold things together in my life while handling inner and outer achievement, but am forcing too much. Keep my goals in mind and stay focused on loving myself and expressing through my artistic creations. Get to work make it real, initiate with fire influence others, choose a symbolic name, create captivating art. The last card the Star: Let your beauty shine through accept transformation. With the divine female presence. Your ego is her ego, you are she, you are the Goddess, Love Itself.

WoW! Does it get any better than that?

Blessed Be
Alaska Judy

Alaska Judy standing next to her most infamous creation the cross eyed plagiarizion of Mona Lisa.

p.s. sorry about the music it will stop when August is over.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Still My Birthday Uh Huh, Uh Huh

When Peter asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said, A PARTY! and a party is what I got. Peter cooked 6 racks of ribs with a Santa Maria dry rub there was 3 chickens with lemon line herb rub, roasted corn with garlic butter, 3 ti tips Santa Maria style, tatter salad and all the trimmins. It was a real meat fest.
So many of our friends showed up and brought me gifts and cards full of good wishes, love and humor. We took alot of pictures but I will not post them in the interest of anonymity.
For the fun of it I wore my Harley Davidson shirt the one I bought off my sister, with the tattoos on my arm making me look like I was all sleeved out. So many people were fooled it was hilarious, like you never noticed before that I had my arms covered in tattoos, too funny.
When everyone sang Happy Birthday and brought out my cake make from 56 cupcakes in the shape of a palette with new brushes on top I was overjoyed. I recommend everyone have a birthday party every now and then "it's a good thing."
Tonight it's John Prine at the PAC.................................................

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pic-O-the-Day - Pioneer Peak and Clouds

Today I went plenn air painting with Sharen Harris we had a good time and I picked up on a few tips for painting outdoors. This is the scene I was painting at the Mat-Su Visitors Center it's called Pioneer Peak. I learned painting outdoors can be a very humbling experience, the clouds and mountain changed so quickly and the colors are trickey. But I love It! Tomorrow Gridwood and Friday Salt Lake City, I'll be comin soon.......

Monday, August 04, 2008

Louise Hay and Barbara Streisand - My Heroes

The other night I watched an interview Tavis Smiley did with Louise Hay a beautiful 81 year old woman she reminds me of my Grandma Blanche. What an inspiration back 20 some odd years ago I read her book and listened to her morning meditation and evening meditation regularly. She started out blessing everything including the toaster and the shower and repeating affirmations over and over until they were engrained in my DNA. My group of like minded friends some gay, some not, would get together in the morning and read and discuss her book "You Can Heal Your Life" in fact some of my friends went to California to help Louise in the work she was doing with people suffering and dying from AIDS.

Fast foreword twenty plus years and see a gorgeous woman obviously living every word she preaches; laughing joyfully and enjoying being in the moment.
Twentyfour years ago she was 57 and today she is 81 still going strong and helping people. She has been on Oprah lately to discuss the movie that has been made from her books and philosophy. While looking for Louise Hay in U-Tube Land I found this absolutely fantastic video and the song is a great choice. I love Barbra Streisand with all my heart and I love Louis Hay as well - I appreciate their words of healing and encouragement.
Peace, Love, Joy and Best Wishes