Thursday, August 18, 2011

Witches In Willow Wytchwood on Mile Marker 85.5 Parks Hwy. Alaska

     Here is the classy new Wytch Wood sign. I painted the sexy witch to resemble Rhonda.
It was sooo much fun to do I even had some interesting dreams about it.
     Where is Wytch Wood? As the Raven flies North along the Parks Highway looking for tasty road kill, Wytchwood is at mile-marker 85.5. Just off the highway is a quaint historical cabin which houses Wytch Wood a unique Herbal Shoppe and Art Emporium. This is the real deal! This little Shoppe reminds me of Salem but it is here in Alaska. So if you are a fradiy cat or have strong black and white views, are closed minded, or have an irrational fear of witches then just drive on past. On the other hand if you are open minded, adventurous, curious and in need of some love potion then definitely stop in for a visit.
   See art by local artisans, herbal remedies, incense, stock up on your altar items and much much more......... Get to know Rhonda the original Witch of Willow she is straight foreward and makes no excuses for her beliefs or her purple hair! Rhonda Gruber is an educated herbalist she carries the best quality herbs, tinctures, and remedies in the whole area and of course she now carries the art of Judy Vars. Here is the link to her web site for your adult needs opps I mean altar needs.
          I ignored the urge to go to Wytchwood for quite awhile but finally quit procrastinating and got a job out of the deal. I took her some of my darker art pieces which goes in her Art Emporium/Herbal Shoppe perfectly. I brought her Ghosty Girl, Babba Yagga, Witchy Woman, Pandora's Box, Silver Moon and a jewel box I made from cut glass in Costa Rica.
I am feeling a little witchey myself and Halloween is still 2 months away! It's a good excuse to dress slutty. LOL
Judy Vars and Rhonda Gruber