Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tomorrow February 1st Turn Off the Lights

People all over the world should turn off their lights and electrical appliances
on the 1st of February 2007, between 1.55 pm and 2.00 pm in New York,
18.55 for London, and 19.55 for Paris, Bruxelles, and Italy. 1.55pm in Ottawa,
10.55am on the Pacific Coast of North America.

This is not just about saving 5 minutes worth of electricity; this is
about getting the attention of the media, politicians, and ourselves.

Five minutes of electrical down time for the planet: this does not take
long, and costs nothing, and will show all political leaders that global
warming is an issue that needs to come first and foremost in political

Why February 1? This is the day when the new UN report on global climate
change will come out in Paris.

This event affects us all, involves us all, and provides an occasion to show
how important an issue global warming is to us. If we all participate, this
action can have real media and political weight.

Please circulate this call to your utmost ability to your network.

Living our own truth helps create the space for others to live theirs.

Paul Tillich

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Remains of the Day

These are the remains of the day one of those fiery sunsets that make you stop and pause before it passes. My intent today was to have fun well it was not to be, instead I substituted for 8th grade science class. Some kid in the back broke a pen open and wiped it all over the top of the desk. I'm pretty sure I know who did it but she denied it even though there was ink on her hands. I got the maintenance person in to clean before it ruined the desk. Ooooo I really don’t like those 12,13,14 year old brats. I think it was because when I was junior high kid I really didn’t like me much. I know, I know just go back and conjure up little Judy and ask her why she is so mad then give her hugs and love. I really have work to do in that area especially if I want to effectively teach them.

I helped Dawn Diaz take some photographs of her art and learned a few things like how to get the camera straight, how to aim at the center and how to adjust the lighting.
Here is a sample from her "Something From Nothing" series.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Still E-Baying It

I managed to make a few more listings today. E-bay has changed the sell procedure so it was like the first time all over again, it took me an hour and forty five minutes to make one listing. This is a painting not done by me but found a couple of years ago at yard sale. It probably cost me 5 or 10 dollars. Shiela Hatchell painted it in L.A. in 1967. How it ended up in a yard sale would make a good story. Some of the art I find is pretty great some is childish or amateurish (but I love it all). I appreciate the effort it takes to put forth the energy to create something from scratch. Art is for the person creating as much as for others and we should not be too critical.

When I was in my 20s I painted a self portrait as I remember I had painted huge staring eyes and I brazenly painted a bust portrait me not wearing a bra. My Mormon landlord had a lustful fascination with the painting. It was one of the times when I left behind all my possessions and went out on an adventure. I have often wondered what happened to the self portrait of me. Am I in a basement somewhere, did a jealous wife or girlfriend destroy it or is it over someone’s mantel somewhere? I hope it is loved and being well taken care of.

As an artist I become attached to my creations. I need to keep them for awhile before I am ready to let go. Something like children. Someday I will start keeping track of there whereabouts of my art to create a prominence and added value.

Tomorrow I am going to get out and do something fun have an adventure. I set up an appointment to take photographs of my friend Dawns art for her show.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Winged Skelton and E-Bay

There is someone who would love to give this encaustic painting a place to stay.
I spent all day taking pictures and making listings for e-bay. I am determined to make a success at selling. E-bay is one important avenue to my success. I tend to get lost on e-bay scoping out what others are doing and selling, how often, how much, and I ask myself why can’t I be a power seller and make a hundred grand on e-bay????? Why. Right now I am just making the listings I will need to get a schedule, and customers. IDEA! Why not contact all the people who have bought from me in the past and invite them back to my store....
Well it’s late and I didn’t make any phone calls today just plugged away on this computer. I'm still struggling to get orgazized.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

PICS of the Day - Cabin,Cats and Magpies

This is a homestead cabin in Wasilla,Alaska built in the early 50s.
The early morning North light was so pretty and clean I wanted a picture.

The ferrel cats hold up in the cozy cabin come out for their bowl of fancy cat food.

This one is staring at me.

Later on the magpies swoop in for the spoils.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Three Reasons To Be Grateful Today

In the midst of my frantic reorganization of my office and studio there was a little reminder to be grateful. The dogs started to go nuts so I looked out the window and saw a cow moose and her 2 calves grazing outside my window.
This picture was taken through the glass window with frost on it.

Later she ambled across the lake stopping to listen and waiting for her young. After a while they followed mom across the lake.

I have not in previous years seen so many moose, maybe because of copious amounts of snow fall we are experiencing this year. I have an affection for these creatures they are so ungainly and large with there big silly faces. But I am slightly intimidated by them also. They cause car wrecks and if pissed off they can stomp all over you till you're dead. When my Joy was a young dog she got tough with a young moose, the dumb thing chased her onto my porch and almost into the cabin. After that she is more cautions and does not try to provoke a fight.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I AM NOT A PACKRAT I am not a packrat, I am not a packrat

I love to collect ephemerah papers, cards, trinkets it is important to my art and about who I am. But lately I have been feeling claustrophobic and out of control. It’s a family disease packratizm. My Grandmother used to save everything she cut off the labels from the soup cans for me to paste in my scrapbook. She had a boxcar filled with everything she never threw away. It smelled like mothballs and mice.

New Years resolution to get organized: my office, my files, my closet, my art business, e-bay, spring yard sale, on and on. I started to panic then I got frozen not knowing where to start. I needed to call some friends to bring me back to earth. Dawn, my artist friend suggested I start by cleaning the space I will need to begin organizing. Brilliant! I will start with the biggest, ugliest frog my office then my studio. I checked out a video on being organized, bought a file box and files. It’s a start. This spring Peter will finish his garage that means his tools will be out of my studio and he will have his own space to carve. He carves with ivory, beautiful but it is dusty and smells like burning hair and gets onto everything.UGH

I took an online course from Alyson B Stanfield 2 years ago this was packed with all the info to run a successful art business. I will use the lessons and start again from where I am at right now today. There is a web site Fly Lady all about being organized and in control. (yea right)

I’m looking foreword to getting things clean and organized, I can do it and I can stick with it.
With resolve

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sentimental Journey Bittersweet Memories and Today

I have been sick today, last night I went to the reception at the Vagabond Blues and it was nice with harp music and my friend Carmen taking care of everything. My art Sentimental Journey (see Jan. 15) is in the back, it looks quite alone and different. The other paintings are landscapes, flowers, and animals all with an Alaskan theme. Mine looks out of place. I blatantly asked people what they think of it and they answered “cool” and “I like it.” But I don’t know they could be just being nice. I felt a little out of place last night, I was sick, and I felt weird. I have a hard time in social situations anyway.

When I was an elementary school girl I suffered from severe shyness and was teased and ridiculed all the time because they thought I was weird. My family life was horrible, with my mom and dads rocky relationship and my dad’s alcoholism. I was not a very happy child. The other kids played a played a nasty games that if I touched them they would have to pretend to spray themselves (because I had fleas). One day I got angry enough and turned around and faced the boys and just folded my arms and stared at them until they backed down. After those things got better I was respected and feared. Later on in High School life was very complicated. I still felt different and out of place until one day I wore my tight blue sweater! After the boys got one look at my cute stacked body I got the attention I needed. My BIG breasts have always been either a gift or a curse. I started drinking in high school and did not quit until I hit bottom a few parties and husbands later.
Booze always made socializing a lot easier.

I think that is why I do not always do well in social situations. Sometimes I can transcend my nature and really feel self confident and normal and have a wonderful time in social situations.

That is what Sentimental Journey is about my childhood sadness and bittersweet memories of days long past. Perhaps that is not the part of me I should to show people that insecure, scared little girl looking for love and acceptance.

Rather the mature beautiful woman with a passion to communicate and bring joy to others.

I can also paint great mountains if I want to and I can turn into and eagle and fly.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Black Box Project #2 The Poetry Box

P.S. I created a beautiful poetry box for my "Black Box Project" I used these words

I walked around as you do,investigating
the endless star,
and in my net, during the night,
I woke up naked,
the only thing caught,
a fish trapped inside the wind.
Pablo Neruda

Monday, January 15, 2007

"With a Little Luck" - Paul McCartney; "I should be so lucky" - Kylie Minogue; "Luck Be a Lady" - Frank Sinatra; "Lucky Star" - Madonna.

Tonight I was on my way to deliver my art piece Sentemintal Journey to the Vagabond Blues Cafe in Palmer when I bumped into a friend she said your name is up in lights!
I said: "no way" she said "way" so I went to the Espresso Cafe to look at their marquee and there I was up in lights.

I had never dreamed of my name being up in lights! WoW sometimes I even impress myself. I know that my good fortune is years of hard work, prayers and lots of luck.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I've been obsessing about "Black Boxes" today there are all sorts of references to be found. I stumbled upon The Global Conscious Project and the Black Box Theory. It’s a scientific theory being measured in a black box. With random numbers like tossing pennies, heads or tails it works constantly. Scientists say we can influence the data by the power of our minds. The Black Box also seems to predict huge events on the planet. This seeks to prove we are all connected in consciousness. Well DUH eggheads at Yale. Here is my very own Black Box.

I want to go into my own "Black Box" suspended in saline in utter silence and just rest and think about World Peace.
Yes, I will reward myself and go to the float tank.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Two Ways to Ward Off Cabin Fever

It’s January 13th and my Christmas tree is still up and I’m not taking it down anytime soon!
In Anchorage, Alaska they have a municipal program called “City of Lights” the downtown businesses decorate with white lights. This year Anchorage has gone too little halogen lights as to not waste electricity. This program was implemented to keep away cabin fever through the cold dark winters. Every year since I was a little girl when the tree comes down there is an empty feeling in the house. I just don’t want to go there today. My tree is so lovely its all white, gold, covered with my angels and it makes me smile. The funny thing is Peter my husband has not said "when are you going to take the tree down"?

My biggest and most important resolution is to lose weight and get healthy. According to the latest scientific discoveries, it’s so hard to change because it essentially takes rewiring my brain. I am just thinking about going for a walk and Benson my chocolate lab is getting all hyper like he is expecting to go for a walk. Dogs are so preceptive. Walking is a great way to get some of that good dopamine and ward of the winter blues.

I am going to use this blog to be accountable for my positive changes. Yes, I am going to take Benson for a lovely walk its 31.3 Fahrenheit that’s 60 degrees warmer than day before yesterday. I had a protein smoothie for breakfast. To rewire myself I should give myself something that gives me pleasure as an immediate reward. I was feeling so great I stopped taking my Prozac, Hum I’ll consider that on my walk what to reward myself with that will give me pleasure and a little hit of dopamine.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why Is it darkest and coldest before the dawn? There is a silver lining in this cloud.

*************************Lorenzo de Medici*************************

I am feeling more encouraged today about my art business. Mary McCoy called me from Girdwood Center for The Visual Arts to tell me both of my paintings sold!
Lorenzo de Medici and Night Dreams.
A man named Cy called me today to arrange to buy something else from the Espresso Cafe. My show was successful on Saturday night I sold some art!
It seems that my hard work and persistence is paying off.
When I do the things I know will work. Why Am I so surprised when they do?
Meridith Vieira asked Madonna on the Today Show if she was surprised at her success?
Madonna said "not really, I've worked very hard." Yes, I'll admit it I love Madonna.

****************************Night Dreams****************************

Monday, January 08, 2007


My car has been stranded and won't start since Friday. I am not getting it towed anywhere until I know whether it’s my starter or just a loose wire. The car is not dead the lights come on it just won't start. My friend Elizabeth (the car is at her house) is getting hungover Quint to look at it when he can get up and around to it. I get a extra key made and the employees at Home Depot are their usual grumpy, half assed selves. Ok I am trying to take these petty problems in my stride. I have my list and I am being driven around. I think how nice it would be to just sit by the fire and watch a good movie when I remember I forgot to return a movie to Blockbuster. Crap, what good is a list if I don't remember everything. I stop at the Espresso Cafe to pick up my camera case which I forgot and someone signed my guestbook and said "I DON'T GET IT" well how rude! I noticing when I get tense lately, I take deep breaths in to 4 hold to 7 exhales to 8 woooooshhhhhhhh. Why don't I notice all the good things people wrote.

10 to 8 or more years ago when I was running and in great shape, I visualized myself at my first solo art show. I was fit, had a cute figure, 38-28-35 (I really had those measurements) wore some tight French jeans that showed my toned behind, I had on a tight t-shirt with angel wings on the back like a tattoo. My hair was bobbed (that looks cute on me) and it was dark copper red.
I had a silver pocket watch and cool black boots. My self confidence runneth over as people admired my art and my hot bod (pretty good for an older broad). Yobi my friend from TX said "Honey they would only see your boobs not the art" (I have huge boobs).
It's still my daydream. But 8 or so years later I look every bit my age, my hair is going gray, I'm fat and I harbor some bad habits that keep me from radiant health.
There is obviously room for improvement. I don’t want to have some emergency that really wakes me up before I make the changes I need to make. I am terribly hard on myself. I am the most pessimistic, self centered, whiney person I know. I stand in my own way.

I am trying to stay positive and hopeful instead of focusing on what I don’t want and remembering to be grateful even in the midst of my hardships and discontentment.
It’s hard to break old habits and thinking patterns. Like I have any control of anything anyway. Is this any way for a successful artist to be talking anyway? What will you think of me. Yatta, yatta, YUCK.

But I believe it’s important to strive to learn how to be hopeful, cheerful, positive and the Lord knows I try.

I remain hopeful and even faithful,

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I am so pleased with my show last night. A few people showed up, I sold some art, the food was good, everyone had a good time.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Moonshadow, Moonshadow,Moonshadow

Remember the song Moon Shadows by Cat Stevens? I'm bein followed by a moonshadow, moonshadow,moonshadow---Did it take long to find me? I asked the faithful light.
Did it take long to find me? And are you gonna stay the night?
moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow.

I took this moonshadow photograph last night at o-dark-cold thirty about 2:30 a.m. Burrrrrrrrrrrr
I am exploring the moon through a full cycle.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The January moon is called wolf moon, quiet moon, snow moon, chaste moon

The moon is always with us as constant as the sun. She sits up there impassively watching us. In a part of my life past, I lived in Virginia City, Nevada. I dabbled in moon magic my boyfriend Tom asked me if the moon was masculine or feminine. I replied feminine and he said why? I said because it's a reflective light. He said you're so smart.

I have lain on the shores of Pyramid Lake when the moon is full and watched the tides swell. It felt primal to be alone and experience the powerful force of gravity. But still she is apart from us so far away so mysterious.

I know the moon is craters, rocks and canyons so I ask myself why the moon looks like a face. Like a giant work of art that you stand far away to see.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Day

Sunset on Beverly Lake 3:47 p.m.

A few years ago my daughter took me to see Mindwalk I was so impressed with this movie that I have seen it several times and shared it with friends. A politician, Sam Waterston a poet, John Heard and a scientist, Liv Ulman meet at sunrise at the monastery of Mont St. Michel off the Normandy coast and have a fantastic intellectual conversation that lasted until sunset. But what struck a chord in my heart was what Liv said.... "I came to this place to explore my theory of connectedness, I walk everyday no matter the weather and observe. I think one thought to its conclusion."

I want to be that woman! a part of the natural world. I want to walk every day and just be at peace, observe, learn to think one thought to its conclusion ,and of corse paint from my heart and reach others in a meaningful way.

This is the first day of my observations and I am keeping a journal in a beautiful hand made book that I got myself for Christmas.
Moonrise on Beverly Lake @ 3:47 p.m.

HaPpy NeW YeAr 2007

With the temperature at 5 degrees below zero this was a great way to greet the New Year a fire on the frozen lake, marshmallows, hot chocolate and a few sparklers.
This is my son, my grandsons, daughter and son-in-law. My hubby is in the house warming up with hot chocolate.
I talked to my dearest friend earlier today she had a horrible year. Heart disease, thyroid needed to be removed, kemo, hormones. Now she is 99% better what an inspiration. She was going to a bowl burning ceremony, the idea is to write on a piece of paper the things you want to release and then burn them in the bowl. I thought well I've got a fire place on the lake and Niki (my daughter) and me we can have our own ceremony. Laura requested we put this in for all of us.. I release all limitations. So we did it. I tossed in a bad habit,a few fears and uncomfortable traits into the fire. I made a opposite positive affirmation for each thing I released and sealed it in an envelope to be read in June. No resolutions, no pressure,just a willingness to let go and let God
Bright Blessings for this New Year