Monday, March 27, 2006

Benson Gets Laid or How Hillbillys spend a Sunday Afternoon

Saturday I took my handsome chocolate lab with me to do errands. While I was in the All About Herbs store. Some guy poked his head in the door and said hey anyone in here own that chocolate lab!
So I ran out thinking he escaped or something. This guy Jim was searching for a lab to breed with his two bitches. I began to tell him the story about how my hubby and I bought Benson from a guy in Kenai about 300 miles away at the crossroads of the Glenn Hwy and the Seward Hwy. The guy was shabby (I don't judge) drove a $50 car and smelled strong. He was the same guy! What are the odds of that? Anyway he is pretty sure that he is not related to his bitches. So we arranged to have him come over and let Benson get it on with not one but two lab girls. We will get another puppy from the deal. I do not want another spasztic big dog like Benashnoz so we will sell it.
I want a monkey just like Frida or the Victorian ladies of days gone by. I could put a diamond collar and a leash on it and go for a walk in the mall. Ha ha ha ha.

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Anonymous said...

Benson may be a stud, but no pictures of Joy?????