Friday, March 24, 2006

More About Lenore

Eric was one hour late last night so I began painting without seeing his demonstration. Finally the maestro arrived. He is a self taught artist like me so I'm impressed with that. What I was able to glean from his demonstration was the way he makes the painting alive with color. The way he switched back and forth from warm to cool while building his picture. A caution not to make the shadows too cool. It’s interesting for me because I have gotten out of thinking about whether my painting is warm or cool and how to balance the effects.

Here is the second installment in the Lost Lenore. The painting is at the place where I'd like to hide it in a closet. But my process is to see all my work to completion good, bad or awful. In this way I can process and learn from my mistakes. Hopefully Lenore will be a masterpiece.

Yesterday I sold my Spawning Salmon on E-Bay. I was so excited that I did my happy dance.
There are bids on my Northern Lights Raven also. My work is begining to bear some fruit.

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