Saturday, March 25, 2006

Palmer, Alaska gets all artsy fartsy n shit

Well I'm not one to brag but our quaint little hamlet of Palmer, Alaska is making its first baby steps towards having their very own art scene. Last night at the old newly refurbished train depot they had a fancy formal wine tasting and art show to kick off the premiere of "Proof" The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Play by David Auburn. The play was generously sprinkled with swear words like Fuck, God Dammit, Jesus Christ. I must say the artsy crowd were very sophisticated and appreciated the intellectual play. It was about a brilliant mathematician that went crazy compulsively writing in hundreds of notebooks strange mathmetical formulas for everything. His 28 year old daughter took care of him and came up with her own mathematical formula she was a genius also and quite possibly as crazy and high strung as the old man. The play started a week after he died. It was quite entertaining both the play and the people watching. Two of my favorite artists showed their dog paintings Eric Deeter and Chris Wakefield That is some real eye candy.

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