Monday, March 20, 2006

Some People Just know How to Make Money

I have been watching this fantastic artist that I found on E-Bay she isThe Raw Artist Her paintings sell everyday she is a power seller, her many web sites are cool, she is prolific, pretty, and smart. I don't know this person but her marketing techniques are brilliant. She is implementing an idea that I heard of a couple of weeks ago. Its called million pixels art gallery so for 1.00 dollar you buy a little pixel (you need about 100 pixels) to show a picture of your art when you scroll over it your name appears when you click on it you are linked to your web site. It's almost half filled up! $$$ Gurrrrrr, I thought of that after I heard about the college guy who make a million after brainstorming about how to pay off his student loans.

Well I have to remind myself that it’s not the money or the prestige that is the goal. It’s doing what I love and doing the best I can today.

I have a model coming over today providing she is in the mood I have been at the whims of her moods for a month now, and I thought artists were temperamental.

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