Friday, April 21, 2006

Earth Day

The other day my daughter forewarded me an e-mail from her half sister who is a hippy. Right Now she is living in a small town in Mexico with her new husband and her two boys. I wanted to repeat a part her letter because I feel like she is an awesome young lady you go girl...Just be careful.

so, i am here in a tiny mexican town. there was a music festival here. it is over. we have hiked for hours into the steep mounatins to the rushing river...where people shit in the water, and on the trail.....where it is custom to throw your trash on the ground and wash yer clothes directly in the river......these things makes cold shivers shoot in my body. i am what can i do. every time i talk to someone and they dont like what i say they tell me to go back to the states pinche gringa....well, i am going to take a different approach. i am going to write a letter to all them....and give it to all the pueblos that i pass through.....about all their songbirds that are being sold in the cities to make company for the lonely women working day after day without water, because there are so many people consuming rapidly....i cannot free the world of our consumer ways. but i can free my heart of the feeling that i did nothing. i can do somehting. give the tools much in life has to be paid for. food, healing, clothes shelter.....all this i question. and walk against....this is my life. to be an example for truth and freedom....many laugh. especially in the family at my seemingly wily ways.

The letter goes on to rail against our disfunctional family so I won't post it all of her tirade.


Elise Tomlinson said...

What a great idea she has. I hope the letter will be well received and taken to heart!

Happy Earth Day Judy!

Judy V. said...

Yea she really laid out the dirty laundry for all to see.