Monday, April 03, 2006

Snow on April Fools Day

God certainly has a funny sense of humor, all week long the snow and ice was melting and the temperatures were approaching 40 degrees. The pesky squirrels that live in my attic came out of hibernation and I planted my annual spring tonic (wheat grass). And then snow, I decided to take the dogs for a walk in the woods. When hiking across the frozen lake my foot broke through the ice and I went in up to my knee, scary! So I lay down for awhile in the field of snow just to look up at the sky and say Thank You God for your April Fools jokes, first snow and then me almost buying the farm and going through the ice.

Today I went to substitute for an elementary school P.E. teacher in Willow, Alaska and on the way in the door my shoe went through the ice into a big wet hole and I got my shoe and sock and pant leg all wet. Enough already! It’s not funny anymore.

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