Monday, April 24, 2006

Talkeetna, Alaska

Today I went to Su-Valley High to substitute for a science class 50 miles up the road when I got there they had a mixup and already had one, what a bother. I went the extra 12 miles for a cup of coffee and visited Talkeetna. This great little town is the starting place for all the mountain climbers doing Denali. Also a great place to fish.

There I met Josh and asked him if I could have a picture of him. He laughed and said he should charge $50 for all the people who want his picture, mostly Korean mountain climbers he said. Josh told me he lived in a tent all winter in his sub-zero sleeping bag, that he experienced snow blindness, frost bite, hallucinations, his stove being frozen. I didn't think it was possible to survive in a tent in the winter. Josh is leaving in a couple of weeks for his summer job in Denali park cooking. His needs are simple, hot coffee, food, and some good gear.

This is Josh with Stubs the mayor of Talkeetna. The friendly town cat with a stubby tail, he is welcome is any business, and home.

I said you're going in my blog, and they both seemed happy about that.

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