Saturday, April 08, 2006

To be or not to be a Whittidiot. A Whittier, Alaska resident that is.

Ok, so I'm sorry to any of the good people that I am yet to meet in Whittier, Alaska.
If the Whitidiot is insulting that’s just what we call ya all.
Out here in the valley were called “Valley Trash” some folks were offended and others had tee shirts made that said VALLEY TRASH AND PROUD OF IT and wore them proudly. I, myself, would not want to wear something calling me trash lest anyone actually think I’m trashy. Oh NOOOOOOoooooo

I am so excited to see and visit Whittier and teach encaustic wax art(they are going to be new experiences for me)that I can hardly sleep.

These are the things that I've heard about Whittier, Alaska. That up until a couple of years ago the only way to get there was to take the train or take a cruse ship there. Now you have to wait until 8:30 am and you can drive though the tunnel straddling the railroad tracks with your car. God! don't let me meet a train in the tunnel. That is a reoccurring dream in my life.... Hummmmmmmm Dr. Freud Dr. Freud.
I've heard that the channel in 300 feet deep.
I've heard that most of the town lives in a 13 story barrack built there during WWII. They don't have buildings that tall in Anchor Town (Anchorage).
I've heard that there are 5 glaciers to see right from town.
I've heard there are no lawns just shale.
I’ve heard it rains all the time.
I've heard of people who go there and never get out.
So if I get out I will have stories of my own to tell and pictures to share.
So be on the look out, there's more to come, that is if I get out.

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